Sunny Varkey, founder and chairman of Gems Education. The firm is preparing for an IPO, sources say. Gems Education
Sunny Varkey, founder and chairman of Gems Education. The firm is preparing for an IPO, sources say. Gems Education

Gems Education welcomes 1,700 new teachers

More than 1,700 teachers from around the world were inducted into the Gems Education network of schools on Saturday.

The teachers were welcomed as part of the annual Gems Awareness Day, which offered the new recruits a chance to meet members of the senior leadership team and hear from experienced colleagues.

The staff participated in a series of presentations and workshops that offered insights into UAE culture and Arabic language, wellbeing, inclusion and innovation.


Back to school:


For teachers who arrived in the country for the first time, guidance on living and settling into the UAE was presented to help them integrate easily within the new environment. The discussions covered a wide range of topics including UAE governance, cultural sensitivity, etiquette and activities residents can be involved in their spare time.

A session was also held to give attendees the opportunity to interact with subject leaders to learn about more about their individual subjects in this region and promote collaboration across schools within Gems Education.

“I believe teaching is a calling, a vocation and not simply a job,” said Sunny Varkey, founder and chairman of Gems Education. “By joining the Gems family your passion for this noble profession should transform yourself into a master-practitioner and that, coupled with strong partnerships with parents, will enable the children you teach to succeed.”

With more than 10,000 teaching professionals employed across 46 private schools, Gems Education is the largest private school operator in the UAE.

The event was organised in association with the Teacher Learning and Leadership for All Institute, which offers teacher training and development.

Biggest applause

Asked to rate Boris Johnson's leadership out of 10, Mr Sunak awarded a full 10 for delivering Brexit — remarks that earned him his biggest round of applause of the night. "My views are clear, when he was great he was great and it got to a point where we need to move forward. In delivering a solution to Brexit and winning an election that's a 10/10 - you've got to give the guy credit for that, no-one else could probably have done that."

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying or online bullying could take many forms such as sending unkind or rude messages to someone, socially isolating people from groups, sharing embarrassing pictures of them, or spreading rumors about them.

Cyberbullying can take place on various platforms such as messages, on social media, on group chats, or games.

Parents should watch out for behavioural changes in their children.

When children are being bullied they they may be feel embarrassed and isolated, so parents should watch out for signs of signs of depression and anxiety

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