Gang accused of stealing Dh1.6 million of smartphones and Dh500,000 in cash at Dubai court

Pakistani and Afghani men say they are not guilty of robbery at mobile phone company, which saw bolt cutters used to enter the main door.

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DUBAI // Six men broke into a mobile phone company and stole smartphones worth Dh1.6 million and Dh500,000 in cash, Dubai Criminal Court has heard.

Pakistanis J K, 32, M S, 35, and A B, 23, as well as Afghans J A, 22, M K, 24, and S M, 20, were all in court in relation to the robbery.

J K, J A, M K and S M were charged with breaking and entering and stealing 11 boxes containing smartphones and iPads. They were also accused of stealing the money and with damaging property, cutting surveillance camera wires and breaking drawers.

M S and A B were charged with possessing stolen items.

All the defendants denied the charges in court.

The sales manager M F S, 29, a Pakistani, testified that he had left Dh720,000 in cash in the company’s finance department on the night of May 28.

“The next morning I received a call from the cleaner telling me that he found the main lock broken when he first arrived at the company,” said M F S.

“I called police when I arrived and, despite the surveillance camera wires being cut, one camera caught the defendants in action.”

Prosecutors said the men confessed to all charges during investigations. Forensics matched fingerprints taken from the scene to that of the defendants. A verdict is due on September 21.