UAE weather: summer is coming

Temperatures this weekend will average 40°C along the coast and 33°C inland

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 29, 2017: People in Dubai show various ways to keep cool and stay out of the sun. Thursday, June. 29, 2017, in Dubai. Chris Whiteoak for The National *** Local Caption ***  CW_2906_HotWeather_08.JPG

The Starks of Winterfell may fear the return of the long winter but having entered the month of May, UAE residents dread a different season.

As temperatures slowly climb and humidity creeps over the country, it is clear that the days of outdoor activities and dining are fast depleting - the latter not least due to Ramadan, which is expected in two weeks.

This weekend, residents can expect highs of 43°C inland and 37°C along the coast. At their coolest, temperatures will sit at 24°C both inland and on the coast, dipping further to 20°C in the mountainous region of the country. Few clouds will trouble the skies though hats and sunscreen are always recommended.

Humidity will peak at 85 per cent, but will average at around 50 per cent in the coastal areas.

Those heading to the beach for reprieve from the heat will be faced with calm seas on Thursday and Friday, with waters turning rough in the Arabian Gulf and Sea of Oman on Saturday.

Winds will offer little respite from the blazing sun, reaching speeds of up to 30kph at times along the coast but blowing from the desert heat inland across the country and to the sea.

Temperatures will rise again on Friday and winds may pick up dust creating smog in some parts of the country.

A similar picture is painted for Saturday but will temperatures ranging between an average of 30°C and 38°C.