Crown Prince of Dubai rescues tangled oryx after stunning it with dart gun

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed shares footage of him untangling the animal from discarded netting

The oryx pictured with debris around its neck. Courtesy: Sheikh Hamdan Twitter
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The Crown Prince of Dubai rescued an oryx that was trapped in discarded netting in a video shared on social media on Monday.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed spotted the creature ambling in difficulty with debris around its neck and took it upon himself to help it.

In a video shared by the Crown Prince, he is seen driving alongside the animal before using a dart gun to subdue it.

He and several companions then follow the oryx until it lies on the ground sedated.

The group then use scissors to free the animal from the net before apparently injecting it with a stimulant and returning it to the wild.

The oryx was tangled in what appeared to be discarded netting. Courtesy: Sheikh Hamdan Twitter

The creature is pictured running off towards a herd once again.

Environment groups have repeatedly urged campers and commercial companies alike to respect the desert and refrain from dumping or leaving behind foreign materials.


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