Is school out due to rain? Dubai regulator says not even if your hair gets wet

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority, which governs private schools in the emirate tweeted a handy explain-all infographic

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Dubai's private schools regulator has brightened up a rainy day with a humorous response for pupils pinning their hopes on skipping class due to the bad weather.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority tweeted an advisory for children eager to find out whether school is out.

Its Dubai Students’ Guide to Will There be School Tomorrow? is designed to be a handy explain-all infographic.

Starting from the question, 'is water falling from the sky?' It leads to a string of other queries, such as could it ruin your hair? Are the roads wet? And do you think it’s unsafe to go to school? with the last one being, are you just saying that because you want the day off?

If the answer is no, they should ask their principal, according to the graphic.

All other roads lead to the option – you’ve got school.

The tweet attracted almost 750 likes and counting, along with a string of replies.

“Did you spend all your time making this,” one wrote, adding a tears of joy emoji.

“Literally ALL our time,” the KHDA account replied.

A number of schools in the emirate chose to send pupils home early, including Gems Winchester School - Dubai, Gems Our Own Indian School, and Dubai Scholars school, according to reports.

The authority is known for its light-hearted tweets, having once issued another during a particularly heavy downpour that read: “There are no submarines, but the school bus should be right at your doorstep tomorrow morning, unless your school tells you otherwise.”

And earlier this year it also playfully dismissed a prank by pupils who circulated a fake message on social media calling a day off.

KHDA posted the picture, along with a message that read: “Honestly you guys – when did you ever know our rain tweets to be so boring? Now go to sleep — you’ve got school tomorrow.”