Drunk men accused of impersonating police officers and beating up hotel worker, Dubai court hears

Pair are also charged with stealing Dh300 from the hotel worker after he said there were no rooms available for them.

DUBAI // Two drunk men are accused of impersonating police officers and attacking and stealing Dh300 from a hotel worker after he refused to give them a room.

At Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday, Yemeni student JR, 24, and 19-year-old Pakistani SK admitted being under the influence of alcohol but denied stealing.

JR claims he attacked the hotel staff because he was refused a room because he was drunk and SK said he did not attack the employee.

Hotel worker MM, 35, from Bangladesh, told police: ”At 1am on March 14 the defends entered the hotel and requested to rent a room.

“I apologised and told them that the hotel is fully booked, at which point JR flashed before my eyes an ID and told me that he is a police officer.

“I demanded to see the ID again, then they both got furious and attacked me, kicking me all over my body.

“After they attacked me, they went to the cash register and tried to open it, but they couldn’t open it. They demanded that I give them the key, which I refused, so they attacked me again and stole Dh300 from my wallet and left the hotel.”

A verdict is expected on May 28.


Published: May 14, 2014 04:00 AM