Three-month sentence for passport fraud

Man used fake document to apply for his job, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A representative at a pharmacuetical company was sentenced this morning to three months in prison for forging his passport while applying for the job.

The man FL, 38, from Jordan, denied stealing Dh16,000 from his employer before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance last month. FL said he returned the money.

According to court records, FL took a copy of an Emirati passport of a woman identified as MA, then, using a scanner, he replaced the woman’s picture with his own and changed the name.

He submitted the forged copy to the company when he applied for a job in 2009, claiming he was Emirati.

He had also been accused of embezzling Dh16,000 from the company, but the charge was dismissed after he wrote a cheque to cover the amount, records show.