Six-month jail term for Dubai man who rammed police car to avoid capture

The 23-year-old was also told to repay Dh145,600 in compensation for damages to the police car.

DUBAI // A man who hit his wife, rammed a police car during a chase and then assaulted officers was jailed for six months today.

Having caused damage amounting to Dh145,600 by ramming the side and the back of the police car, 23-year-old Emirati HM's reaction to the sentence at Dubai Criminal Court was: "That's it?"

HM got into the white Hummer of his wife, MA, 25, as she was leaving work at a government department on July 25, 2010. He slapped her and took over the wheel before speeding off down Sheikh Zayed Road. Police spotted him and started a pursuit but HM tried to evade capture by running a red light and moving onto backstreets, where he even drove on the pavement.

After ramming the police car, HM reached his residence, where his brother AM, sister, AMH, both 26, and friend AJ are accused of verbally and physically assaulting officers.

Officer WN testified that he tried to stop HM but his brother assaulted him, according to records.

"The other officers restrained him but he managed to kick me in the leg," said WN. The brother and friend are facing charges of physically assaulting police officers.

The defendant's sister also participated in the assault as she came out to where the car was parked and insulted another officer, MA. She is facing charges of insulting him using inappropriate words.

HM did not appear at Dubai Criminal Court to enter a plea.

A 19-year-old police officer said that, when he arrived in front of the defendant's house, five men came out of a Nissan car and assaulted him. He said AJ was one of them.

The court ordered HM to repay Dh145,600 to cover the damage to the police car.

Published: December 23, 2012 04:00 AM