Sex assault earns driver three-month sentence

He had told court he was only joking when he fondled the other man at a work site.

DUBAI // A truck driver who had said he was only joking when he sexually assaulted a worker was sentenced to three months in prison today by the Criminal Court of First Instance.

The 24-year-old Pakistani EK assaulted MR, 20, a Bagladeshi worker, on June 1. He will be deported after serving his prison term.

Prosecutors said that while MR was working at a construction site near Dubai International Airport, EK grabbed him from behindand touched his buttocks. He pushed his body into MR's, then kissed MR on the cheeks.

Prosecutors said EK confessed during investigations.

EK denied the charges before Judge Al Saeed Al Barghout and said he was just making fun of MR.

Published: August 16, 2011 04:00 AM