Saleswoman helped friend steal clothes from shop, Dubai court hears

The woman's manager had grown suspicious of her behaviour at work

A saleswoman helped her friends steal clothes from the retail store she worked for, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The Filipino defendant, 38, is alleged to have removed security tags from items before leaving them in changing rooms for pals to pick up.

Her employers had grown suspicious of her behaviour due the number of people who visited her at the premises in Al Rafaa but had no evidence of wrongdoing.

On July 20 of last year they decided to watch her closely when one of her friends dropped by.

“We noticed she often brought her friends to the shop in Al Rafaa area and suspected that she helped them steal items,” said the shop’s manager.

“She would remove the tags then place the items in the changing rooms, but we didn’t have evidence of the thefts before now.

“This particular friend had come before, therefore when we saw her, we closely observed her and the defendant.”

The court was told the defendant placed a pair of shoes and three garments in one of the changing rooms after removing their tags as her friend watched on.

“Her friend saw her doing that but left only to return an hour later and pick the items up then walked out of the shop without paying,” said the manager.

The saleswoman was stopped as she walked her friend out of the shop with the items in her possession.

Police were contacted but the worker's friend managed to leave before they arrived and remains at large.

The employee denied assisting the theft.

The case was adjourned until March 25.