Assistant nurse 'stole cash from charity box'

The Pakistani woman was arrested in Dubai after a security guard heard the sound of falling coins in the hospital's reception area.

DUBAI // An assistant nurse was caught red-handed stealing from a charity donation box at a hospital, the Dubai Criminal Court heard yesterday. The 42-year-old Pakistani woman, identified as NN, was trying to take money from a box belonging to the Beit al Khair Society, one of Dubai's largest charities, according to prosecutors, who charged her with attempted theft. She was arrested after a security guard, identified as MA, heard the sound of falling coins in the hospital's reception area, according to his testimony.

He saw the defendant holding the opened box upside down and reaching inside it. NN told the guard she was trying to move the box, but fled to a bathroom when he demanded to know why her hand was inside it. Another witness, TI, an Emirati school principal, also told prosecutors that the defendant kept an undisclosed amount of money found in a rubbish bin in the bathroom earlier that day. TI said that she turned the money over to the nurse, who appeared disconcerted that day but promised to delivering it to hospital security guards.