Army officer's son accused of forgery

ABU DHABI // The son of an army officer forged documents to pose as his father so he could take advantage of others' trust, a court heard.

The CID police received information the son, who is an adult but was not named in court documents, used the fake identity to carry out various transactions.

For example, when buying a car, he would present himself as an officer, an officer testified in court.

Police questioned several people who sold him cars, and they all confirmed that he had used an officer's ID card.

When police arrested him, they found he had a beneficiary card in his name, which is granted to sons of officers for benefits such as health services.

However, the son erased a letter that indicated it was a beneficiary card and not the ID of an officer.

The defence lawyer asked the testifying officer what made him sure that it was the defendant who had erased the letter and that it was not a typographical error. The CID officer said while he could not confirm that the son erased it, that was the most likely scenario.

The defendant denied the charges.

The case has been adjourned until January 17.

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