Abu Dhabi court clears father of raping teenage daughter

A father accused of raping his teenage daughter has been cleared by the Criminal Court.

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ABU DHABI // A father accused of raping his teenage daughter was cleared today.

The Criminal Court ruled there was not enough evidence to support the claims of the daughter that her father AA, a security guard from Morocco, had repeatedly raped her.

It also noted the man's wife and daughter had given contradicting statements and had withdrawn parts of their allegations during the trial.

The daughter initially claimed that her father raped her on more than 20 occasions while her mother was out begging, but in court changed her claim, saying she had been raped only twice, and that she could not clearly remember one of these occasions. She then changed her claim again, saying there had been no penetration.

The 14 year old schoolgirl lives in the same room as her parents and three brothers, aged 13, 11 and 8.

Forensics tests found traces of the father's sperm on the girl's jalabeya and underwear, but the father argued that his wife often borrowed her daughter's clothes.

The family share their apartment with a number of bachelor men.