Dubai Police increase support for victims of crimes and road accidents

The force has expanded a dedicated unit to deliver psychological support where needed

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Reporter: N/A: Corona. A police car patrols an empty JBR. Tuesday, April 14th, 2020. Dubai. Chris Whiteoak / The National

Dubai Police has strengthened a dedicated task force that delivers vital support to victims of crimes and road accidents, and people in distress.

The force's expanded Victim Support Section will be led by security and psychology experts who will work closely with police stations across the emirate to identify those in need of assistance.

Dubai Police has operated a victim support programme since 2004, but has now bolstered its network of services available to the public.

Police aim to accelerate response times in order to make contact with 90 per cent of victims within seven days.

Brig Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of criminal investigation, said the section seeks to provide psychological and social guidance for individuals dealing with the aftermath of a crime or accident.

Capt Abdullah Al Sheikh, head of victim support at Dubai Police, said the programme provided support to families of 153 people who died last year and assisted 614 cases related to child custody.

Force makes crucial interventions

Capt Al Sheikh said police delivered invaluable assistance to many people encountering problems in their lives, including a British citizen who planned to take his own life after battling depression for many years.

He said police continued to support the man by appointing a psychologist to communicate with him directly.

“This helped the man overcome suicidal thoughts and get out of his state of loneliness and despair,” Capt Al Sheikh said.

He also highlighted how the force came to the aid of a British woman who had not been able to leave the UAE since 2014 due to a standing court order against her.

“She had guaranteed her husband for a bank loan, but he deceived her and took the money before he travelled back home for good,” Capt Al Sheikh said.

The woman turned to the Victim Support Section after she had exhausted all options to pay off the loan.

“We managed to get the bank's approval to waive off the case and helped the woman in distress return home to her children,” Capt Al Sheikh said.

Updated: July 8th 2021, 11:33 AM