Charity brings joy to lives of refugees

Throughout the week, a team of volunteers from Etihad Airways has been in Serbia on a charity mission to bring joy to orphans, refugees and disabled people.

As part of the Colour Their Lives initiative, the volunteers handed out airline blankets, winter clothing, stationery, food and other gifts, first at an orphanage and then at an asylum seeker’s centre near Belgrade.

The refugees at the centre – many of whom had risked their lives escaping Syria and Afghanistan – were treated to ­entertainment featuring clowns, choirs and folk dances, before receiving their gifts.

Volunteer Muna Al Blooshi, an Emirati mother of three, said interacting with the children in the camp had been a life-changing experience.

“I know these children need a lot of things, but they are happy playing around and satisfied with simple things,” said the Etihad graduate manager.

“I give my children the world and they are still not happy or satisfied.”

Published: September 8, 2016 04:00 AM