Barakah power plant passes major testing phase for its final unit

Region's first power plant will help to generate electricity for quarter of UAE

The UAE’s Barakah nuclear power plant is a step closer to being switched on after major tests were completed at all four of its units.

The energy plant, which will power 25 per cent of the nation’s homes and business, passed the cold hydrostatic test for its Unit 4, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Located 50km southwest of Ruwais in Al Dhafra region, the overall construction of the facility’s four units are 94 per cent complete.

“I am proud of the continued progress being made at Barakah despite the circumstances we have all faced in relation to Covid-19,” said Mohamed Al Hammadi, the chief executive of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

“The UAE leadership’s decisive and proactive response to the pandemic supported us in taking timely, safety-led actions to protect the health and safety of our workforce and our plant.”

The cold hydrostatic test measured the reactor’s ability to maintain its internal temperature at a safe level during operations.

Components of the coolant system were tested, including the coolant pumps, the welds and joints, as well as the high-pressure systems.

The unit’s system was increased to 25 per cent above what will be the normal operating pressure.

The four units at Barakah will produce 5,600 MW of clean baseload electricity. This will help prevent the release of 21 million tons of carbon emissions each year, the equivalent of removing 3.2 million cars off the roads annually.

The peaceful nuclear energy programme is "on schedule" despite the Covid-19 outbreak, The National reported on May 7.

Enec is now preparing for the safe start-up of Unit 1 in the coming months.