Abu Dhabi Police fine more than 7,500 people for failing to buckle up

Police catch drivers in the space of two months

Shot of a father putting his son in a car seat, he is leaning over fastening the belt. (Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***  na01de-letters-seatbelt.jpg
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More than 7,600 drivers and passengers were caught without seatbelts in the past two months, including some flouting new laws on buckling up in the back seat.

Since July 1, a total of 7,592 drivers were handed the Dh400 penalty and were hit with four black points on their licence.

Lt Col Salah Al Humeiri, deputy head of Abu Dhabi Traffic Department, that number was a reduction on the same two months last year, when just under 12,000 were caught, suggesting the new law may be making drivers think twice and buckle up.


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Seat belt fines are solely fined through traffic control police patrolling the streets - unlike over speeding, dangerous overtaking, tailgating or driving on the emergency lane, can be caught by cameras. Dubai Police say they have cameras that can catch car occupants without seatbelts.

Al Humeiri the aim of catching seatbelt slackers – whether they were in the car as motorists or passengers - is to protect their safety and cut down on road injuries and deaths. Figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that wearing a seatbelt reduces risks of road deaths for front seat passengers by 40 – 50 per cent. It could also cut down on deaths for back seat passengers by 25 – 75 per cent.

The new regulations also made it mandatory that all children below four years old must sit in designated car seats, added Lt Col Al Humeiri.

* This article has been updated to clarify the statistics from police