Lawyer faked court case to boost social media following, Abu Dhabi prosecutors say

Woman said to have admitted to fabricating family court case she discussed online

The lawyer is said to have admitted a case she posted about was 'fictional'. Photo: Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
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Abu Dhabi prosecutors have launched an investigation into claims a lawyer fabricated a court case in an effort to boost her social media following.

The woman is accused of posting a video on social media in which she said a ruling had been made in a UAE court in a case of a son taking legal action against his father for insulting him.

Abu Dhabi's Judicial Department said on Monday that the lawyer had admitted the case was "fictional".

“She admitted during investigation that the case is fictional and fabricated,” the Judicial Department reported on social media.

“She fabricated the case to increase her followers on social media.”

Legal action will be taken against the lawyer, who is accused of spreading rumors and false information online, the authority said.

The department warned that spreading rumors or false news online is punishable under UAE cyber crime law.

Offenders can face up to one year in jail and a fine of Dh100,000.

The authority urged members of the public not to share such video recordings without verifying its content from official sources.

Updated: July 31, 2023, 8:10 AM