UAE weather: lower temperatures to bring respite from heat today in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The mercury will reach 33C in Dubai and 35°C in Abu Dhabi city

Monday will be sunny, with temperatures in the mid-30s.

Temperatures will drop on Monday, giving a brief respite from the heat.

The mercury will reach 35°C in Abu Dhabi city and 33°C in Dubai.

That is significantly lower compared to the weekend, when a high of 45°C was recorded in Bada Dafas, an area in Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafrah region.

It will be sunny to party cloudy on Monday, with light to moderate winds that will pick up at times, blowing dust during the day.

Conditions in the Arabian Gulf will be calm to moderate, and could become rough at times in the Oman Sea.

Temperatures will begin to climb again on Tuesday, reaching 37°C in Abu Dhabi city and 36°C in Dubai. Winds will reach 40 kilometres per hour at times, blowing dust.

There will be a further jump on Wednesday, to 42°C in Abu Dhabi and 40°C in Dubai. It is expected to be dusty again.

Temperatures will remain in the high 30s until the weekend.

Updated: April 11, 2022, 5:27 AM