Tourist appears in Dubai court accused of trying to smuggle liquid cocaine

Man held after airport officials found three bottles filled with red liquid in his luggage

A tourist appeared before Dubai Criminal Court on Monday accused of trying to smuggle 4.5 litres of liquid cocaine into the country.

The man, 22, from Hong Kong, landed in Dubai on April 11 and was arrested by customs officers on suspicion of carrying liquid cocaine in his luggage.

At the airport, an X-ray showed three dark-coloured bottles inside his luggage which alerted the customs officers.

The luggage was searched thoroughly by hand and officers found the bottles containing a red liquid.

Customs officers said the man refused to reveal what the liquid was when he was asked.

Liquid cocaine is a novel method for smuggling drugs through customs.

Cocaine powder can be dissolved and later converted back to powder. The liquid's radiological properties are different than those of powder making it harder to detect.

Lab tests revealed the liquid was cocaine which prosecutors believe the man intended to sell in the emirate.

He denied the charges of possessing drugs to sell.

The court case is expected to be concluded on October 12.

Updated: August 30th 2021, 3:14 PM