136 crashes, 810 calls to police in Sunday morning road chaos

A total of 136 accidents took place in fog on the northbound carriageway of the E11 near Jebel Ali on Sunday.

DUBAI // A total of 136 accidents took place in fog on the northbound carriageway of the E11 near Jebel Ali on Sunday.

Rubberneckers looking on in the southbound carriageway smashed into each other, causing four more.

The accidents happened between 6am and 9am near Seih Shuaib on the Abu Dhabi border with Dubai and were caused by low visibility, Dubai Police said.

A police Instagram post said: “Between 6am and 9am, 136 accidents occurred on different roads of Dubai Emirate because of fog, in which people received medium to serious injuries.

While some people received small injuries.” Police took 810 calls during those three hours. The E11 was partially closed to clear it, while emergency crews were on hand in case of injury.

No deaths were reported.

An accident also took place on Emirates Road before Al Kawaneh exit, causing delays.

Assem Kroma, from Syria, who was travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, said: “It was about 7am and I’d just gone past Jebel Ali on Sheikh Zayed Road when I saw lots of police and a big traffic jam ahead.

“I noticed the fog was very thick in places. It would clear up but then get thick again.”

He saw accidents on both directions of Sheikh Zayed Road.

“There was one ambulance there and a lot of police. I could see from the wreckage that there were about nine separate accidents with at least one of the cars being severely damaged in each collision.” The majority of the cars involved were 4x4s, he said.

“The delays took about 20 minutes and there were a lot of people rubbernecking to see what was going on,” he said.

“I initially thought that the delay was because the road was blocked but it was mostly people slowing down to see what was going on.”

In Abu Dhabi, several accidents were reported on Saada Bridge and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street, leading to delays.

Pakistani taxi driver Shakeel Abbas Khan said: “Big car drivers don’t slow down and some take to the hard shoulder and speed up, then accidents happen.”