Briton also insulted Bangladeshi who owed him money by saying that his mother was indecent, while the latter was convicted for similar insults.

DUBAI // A Briton who was jailed for three months for threatening to kill and bury a man if he did not repay money owed has had his sentence suspended by Dubai Court of Appeal.

Sales manager JS, 45, was charged with threatening and insulting Bangladeshi MA, 31, while the latter was charged with insulting the former. Both were convicted of the charges and JS received a three-month sentence while MA was sentenced to one month in absentia.

The Briton will not now serve the jail time but if he commits the same offence within the next three years he will be punished with a custodial sentence.

The Bangladeshi told prosecutors that on November 19 last year the Briton sent him several insulting text messages.

β€œHe then sent me a message telling me that he will kill me and bury me in the sand,” said the Bangladeshi.

In addition, he said the Briton insulted his honour by saying he would have sex with his mother and that his mother was an indecent woman.

He provided police with the text messages sent to his phone by JS.

Records did not show the nature of relationship between the two and why money had been loaned in the first place.

The Briton retaliated by saying MA also insulted him with a suggestion that, if he wanted money, he should have his wife and mother work as prostitutes.

JS told prosecutors that MA also insulted his mother by saying she was indecent.

Published: March 20, 2015 04:00 AM