AlUla opens 85-metre giant swing and sky-high suspended stairway

The ancient city in Saudi Arabia is fast becoming an adventure travel hub

AlUla Stairway lets visitors climb 45 metres into the air. Photo: AlUla
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Famed for its unique landscapes, millions of palm trees and 200,000 years of history, AlUla in Saudi Arabia's north-west has already made a name for itself as an adventure travellers' playground.

The ancient destination has a host of activities geared towards thrill-seekers including helicopter rides, via ferratas, mountain climbing and more. And now, there are two new adrenalin-filled activities for travellers to add to their visit lists.

The AlUla Stairway is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, and it's now open for booking.

Not for those who don't cope well with heights, this suspended ladder lets visitors climb 45 metres into the air with nothing but gravity between them and the ancient landscape below.

Once at the top, there's a 150-metre zip line ride back down, as travellers descend into the canyon below.

AlUla's Giant Swing is the destination's other latest adventure activity, and it's geared at anyone happy to soar through the air at breakneck speed.

After a 100-metre via ferrata climb up to a suspended platform, guests can choose to step or run off the 85-metre high base. Once airborne, thrill-seekers drop down into the canyon, flying back and forth between the ancient walls in a 70-metre arc.

Both experiences are open to those aged 12 and above and cost 150 Saudi riyals (Dh147) and 250 Saudi riyals (Dh245), respectively.

For travellers keen on experiencing more of AlUla's adventures, a three-day adventure travel package designed to immerse tourists in the adrenalin-fuelled wonders of the ancient destination is running from Thursday to Saturday.

The two-night trip blends desert landscapes, ancient heritage and adventure with safari drives, zip lines, hammocks, camping and more.

Overnights are spent at Masarat Camp, where travellers can enjoy a unique glamping experience with stargazing opportunities galore. Knowledgeable tour guides and meals and snacks are included in the AlUla Adventure Tour, which is open to guests aged 15 and above, and costs 2,900 Saudi riyals.

Updated: March 22, 2023, 5:13 AM