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A reader applauds the fact that the Short+Sweet theatre festival is coming to the UAE. Other topics: Egyptian archaeology, education standards, Nickelback and road safety,
A reader welcomes Short+Sweet to Dubai. The festival has played around the world, including Delhi. Courtesy Ductac
A reader welcomes Short+Sweet to Dubai. The festival has played around the world, including Delhi. Courtesy Ductac

Improvement in language skills a big step forward

Test shows state pupils lift skills in language (November 2) is very positive news.

If UAE students' performances are improving, it shows that the system is working.

However, an education system is always a work in progress, so this is not a time for resting on laurels.

As this nation grows, it needs to adopt the world's best practices in all areas, and especially in the academic field.

The demands on the next generation of Emiratis will undoubtedly be great, and they will need the best possible education to prepare them for challenges ahead.

M Morris, Dubai

Theatre festival is inspirational

I was pleased to read All the world's a stage, very briefly (November 4), about the festival being conducted by Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (Ductac).

I do hope that the Short+Sweet festival's director, Alex Broun, is right when he says Dubai is on the cusp of a theatrical explosion.

As a longtime lover of live theatre, I am familiar with this festival from my homeland of Australia, and I will certainly try to be in the front row when the festival launches in the UAE in February.

I'd also like to encourage budding thespians, directors and stage crew to get involved. The only way to grow a theatre culture here is for people to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Mark Tucker, Abu Dhabi

Canadian rules are reasonable

I write in reference to Canada residency scam: how they do it (October 9). Why on Earth would anybody expect to be able to vote if he or she is not yet a citizen?

Canada is not alone in expecting that landed immigrants prove their commitment to their country, including by paying taxes, before they acquire citizenship.

If immigrants wish to work abroad, they may do so after they acquire citizenship.

If you wish to be a Canadian citizen it is reasonable that the Canadian government expect that you contribute to Canada for what is a relatively short time in comparison to some other countries prior to citizenship.

If another country is easier in regard to citizenship, then choose the other country.

P Cawley, Abu Dhabi

Accident reminds us of road safety

Yet another tragic road accident has claimed several lives (Eight Emiratis die in Oman tragedy, November 3). May their souls rest in peace.

These accidents serve as a constant reminder for motorists to drive safely and within the recommended speed limits.

Fatima Suhail, Dubai

Oldies are not always goodies

I groaned when I read that Nickelback were "paying back" their fans with old hits (Nickelback brings down house with no gimmicks, November 4).

Why are major events in Abu Dhabi always celebrated by hiring tired old rockers to play material that was already a cliché when it originally hit the shelves?

If the fans want to wallow in the past, why don't they stay at home and watch it on DVD? Promoters should give as many chances as possible to new talent.

Nick Capri, Abu Dhabi

Tomb discovery poses a question

I was fascinated by Tomb of Egypt princess found (November 4).

Given the number of riches already uncovered by archaeologists in Egypt, it is amazing that discoveries of this magnitude are still being made.

It makes me wonder what else is still there to be found, and how all these discoveries fit together to create a better picture of the past.

Noel Parker, Abu Dhabi

No benefit in US support for Israel

Regarding Israel turns away from Obama in drift to right (November 2), maybe it's time for Israel to be weaned off American support.

The Israelis only like the US when it does something to their advantage. But what advantage is the US getting from supporting Israel?

M Carver, Dubai

Thoughts are with victims of storm

I was sad to read US faces $50bn bill for storm (October 31), about the extent of the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

Millions of people in New York and New Jersey were affected, but the relief work was fast and many of them were quickly evacuated.

I hope the victims have a speedy return to their normal lives.

K Ragavan, India

Published: November 5, 2012 04:00 AM


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