Sustainability will be key to success for Dubai Expo

Readers join in the celebrations as Dubai is named host of World Expo 2020.

Readers congratulate Dubai on its winning Expo 2020 bid.  Karim Sahib / AFP
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I refer to 'We will astonish the world' (November 27), about Dubai winning its bid for Expo 2020.

It was a well-deserved win by all accounts and doubly significant because of the exemplary role played by an extraordinary woman, Reem Al Hashemi, the Minister of State and managing director of the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid committee.

The objective of making the Expo carbon neutral was a clincher and will sharpen national focus on sustainability issues.

In this period of advancement and success, perhaps the stakeholders will also recognise the wisdom of broader inclusiveness, and will factor in the contributions of those who will build and support the bedrock. They are the venture’s unsung heroes.

All the stakeholders have much to look forward to with Dubai and the entire UAE moving to the forefront as emerging figures on the world stage.

Sustainability is the key.

Prodeep Mookerjee, Dubai

Congratulations to the leadership, the citizens and the residents of Dubai.

We have passed the first and most important challenge of winning the bid.

The next major challenge will be the planning and implementing of the vision. Let’s all make this a fabulous event.

Deepak Chandwani, Dubai

Congratulations to Dubai for this victory. Expo 2020 is yours.

It is a deserved victory, but it’s nice that my city of Yekaterinburg was a strong rival.

Alena Guzhaeva, Russia

I think we can expect many changes in the coming years, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Radha Shankar, Dubai

This is a mighty result for a mighty nation.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

The emirate of Dubai has conclusively proven, over and over again, that it has perfect vision when it comes to progress, development and making impossible dreams come true in the shortest possible time.

In the medical profession, this is called 20-20 vision.

Amitabh Saxena, Dubai

Teenagers should be well prepared

I couldn't help but chuckle at Gaye Caglayan Budak's comments about teenagers and laundry (Student's view a poor example, November 25).

In my experience, most children and teenagers in the UAE have a maid picking up after them.

So, it’s no surprise that when they leave the nest to go overseas for university they struggle to cope.

We have four children, the youngest at university in Australia. Needless to say, we made sure that they could all cook, clean and generally look after themselves. But we are always there for them if needed.

Lee-Avinne O'Farrell, Abu Dhabi

Cinemas short on quality offerings

I totally agree with the writer of the letter Seeking more serious cinema (November 25).

I, too, am tired of the violent films that stay on the circuit for weeks, while beautifully shot period dramas, and films that you have to actually concentrate on, are released for one or two weeks.

And what’s with the subtitles? Some of them appear to take over half the screen, thus obscuring the actors’ faces.

Also, the Dame Judi Dench film Philomena has already been released elsewhere, but there has been no sign of it here.

Name withheld by request

Big plastic duck is a fan favourite

I am writing about Giant yellow duck to float into Dubai Creek for UAE National Day celebrations (November 27).

I love this duck. I hope it sticks around in the UAE for a while.

Patricia Geiger, Abu Dhabi

Small local stores are almost extinct

I refer to The evolution of UAE retail: From corner shops to mega malls (November 26).

The same thing is happening all over Asia.

The traditional market is disappearing in favour of the air-conditioned shopping mall.

While the levels of hygiene and range of goods may leave something to be desired, the traditional market provided a critical opportunity for poor people to have an income.

To open a shop in a western-style mall, you have to have significant start-up capital to buy stock and to cover the first few months rent.

Ian Tait, Laos