Singapore is one of the hardest, says Kubica

Q&A: the Renault driver, tells Simon Arron about the challenges of racing on the streets of Singapore.

Robert Kubica, the Renault driver, talks about the challenges of racing on the streets of Singapore. How do you prepare for Singapore? It is one of the hardest races of the season. The circuit is very bumpy, so you're fighting the car all the time. You are continually tackling corners and only really get a breather for a couple of seconds on the start-finish straight. On top of that, the strange timetable means we work late, go to bed late and wake up in the afternoon. You do not feel any difference during the race weekend but each year it has seemed a bit strange to come back to a normal schedule afterwards."

You have a reputation for enjoying street circuits. Are you looking forward to this one? "Yes. There are lots of bumps, kerbs and bits of track where you have to allow some margin for error, because the walls are very close - especially in the last sector." What are the priorities in terms of car set-up? "The aero side is very important, but the bumps and low-speed corners mean the car has to be as good as possible in terms of mechanical grip. It needs to be easy to drive to give us confidence to attack the kerbs."

You were on the Monaco podium. Can you repeat that here? "It's true that Singapore is, physically, the closest circuit to Monaco, but that was four months ago and things change quickly in F1."