Coronavirus: Dubai Sports Council outlines measures for reopening of sports facilities

Sports establishments will be permitted to reopen on Wednesday, as part of the easing of restrictions

Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Members of the fitness centre using the facilities of the gym in Dubai at Palm Strip Mall.  Ruel Pableo for The National
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Dubai Sports Council have issued a list of guidelines for the return of sports activities.

Sports establishments will be permitted to reopen on Wednesday, as per the easing of restrictions on personal movement.

Following on from the regulations issued by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management on Monday evening, a number of measures need to be implemented at academies, gyms, and sports and fitness clubs.

Establishments can return at “50 per cent of the facility’s normal capacity”.

Masks must be worn “at all time and while engaged in light or moderate physical activity”, although may be lowered for “strenuous physical exercise”.

Children under 12, and anyone above 60 are not permitted to practice activities.

“Sports facilities and all tools, equipment, and means of transportation shall be sanitised through a certificate issued by a sterilisation company approved by the Dubai Municipality,” the Sports Council said.

“A permanent sanitisation programme shall be put in place, and sanitisers shall be provided in the necessary areas in the establishment.

“A physical distance of at least two meters must be maintained, and separators/partitions (e.g. acrylic dividers) shall be installed between sports equipment, if the nature of the sports activity requires it, to ensure protection of people.”

The establishments must maintain working hours outside of the national sterilisation programme times – so between 6am and 11pm.

They have also been instructed to “close off waiting areas, and ensure lockers rooms, changing rooms, and shower booths are closed off”.

Dubai to ease Covid-19 restrictions from May 27

Dubai to ease Covid-19 restrictions from May 27

“Trainers and instructors are not allowed to gather in any area,” the Sports Council said.

“Bathrooms/toilets must be sanitised after each use, or at least once every hour.

“All athletes/visitors/members must wear a face mask at all time and while engaged in light or moderate physical activity, but can be lowered/removed while engaged in strenuous physical exercise.

“Frequently used equipment that are used or touched by members must be cleaned. Floors and equipment must always be cleaned after each use.

“Provide equipment to measure the temperature of customers, employees, trainers and participants before the start of every training session. Anyone with a temperature of over 37.5 degrees shall not be allowed in the facility.

“A person who has a cough, temperature, breathing difficulty, respiratory disease or immunodeficiency, shall not be allowed to participate in the sports activities.”