Manchester United's Wout Weghorst: 'It's really nice to win a trophy'

Dutch striker secures the first trophy of his club career at United beat Newcastle 2-0 in the Carabao Cup final

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Manchester United clinched their first trophy in almost six years on Sunday after defeating Newcastle United 2-0 in the League Cup final at Wembley.

We spoke to United's Dutch striker Wout Weghorst after the match.

If someone had said to you two months ago you'd be winning a trophy with Manchester United what would have said?

“Deal! Of course it’s great, just a great feeling. Of course, for me, [it's] not this long time that I'm here but I think for the club it's a long time ago we win the silverware. It's good to have it back at the place where it belongs, to me. It's an amazing club, it's a big club, you know, really happy we could win this one.”

First trophy win of your career, right?

“Yeah, you're right. In the Netherlands I played two cup finals, lost both of them. This was the third time. Of course that's something special and of course you put in all the hard work, hard effort to get really something in your head. So, yeah, also for me it's personal, and it's really nice to win a trophy.”

After the match you seemed to be taking it all in. Can you explain what went through your mind?

“No. Yeah, you're right. I just took a moment. I can do really tough or I can do really cool but, yeah, for me this is a childhood dream. A childhood dream to play for this amazing club, to play a final and also be important in in this final with the second goal. Yeah, just to give my all and then at the end if you win it you have to enjoy it also because, like, during this day, during the match you're only focused on one thing and that's winning it and that's performing. So, yeah, after which you have to take a minute otherwise everything is passing you by before you even notice and before you’ve enjoyed it. So, yeah, I took a moment there and that was the greatest moment of the evening.”

What’s this group of players like because we see a lot of passion on the pitch from serial winners like Casemiro, Varane, Martinez?

“Of course you are telling three names now. I think there are more. You see it, you see it in a group, you can feel it in a group. It's been living [in the group]. Of course the manager was the first one who was always putting the tension on it, saying ‘no, we're living to win’. There's a great feeling within the club, within the team, the lads together. I mean, to be honest, it’s something special to notice this. We win the first one now and still three to go so, yeah, hungry for more.”

A lot of players say that when you win that first one as a group it almost becomes like an addiction that you want it again …

“Like I said, hungry for more definitely [laughter as Jadon Sancho walks out with ghetto blaster blaring behind him]. It’s three left now. First one is in and first we have to stand still by this and enjoy it. But afterwards of course, three to go. We have everything in our own hands so let’s go.”

What did the manager tell you when he came on the pitch after final whistle?

“After the whistle? I don't know, to be honest, it could be ... I don't know. I can't remember it. I was already in the moment, to be honest, so I don't know exactly what he said.”

What did you say when Karius tipped your shot over late in the first half?

“Yeah, again a little bit unlucky with this, with the goals. It was a great save. A good counter from our side and I came over to the right and I just cut it in with the left and I thought ‘OK, let's go’. I have to be honest, I had this feeling directly of ‘ooooooo, it’s close’. Yeah, of course that will make it even more special but, OK, I scored a lot of goals in the past and I never win one trophy. If I right now turn it around and do it the other way with less goals and trophies, I’d directly take it.”

Olivier Giroud style …


What’s your manager like to play for? Why is he successful?

“Like I said, he has been living to win, the intention of this every day. He’s living for it. You can feel it – really detailed how the way we he works, the way we work every day, every match. A lot of attention on where our opportunities ... so he’s, first of all, a great manager with a lot of quality, definitely connects the two things together. It's a great combination.”

What were manager’s instructions to you for this match?

“Of course there were a few instructions. It depends a little bit on the game, so today also to stretch the game, to try to create a little bit. Also times at to drop [deep] so there could be space in the back of the defence because we know with our pace we could be dangerous there. There was backward pressing, pressing on the [number] six, try to get to the ball recoveries because they like to switch the play, to play quick. I think especially in the first half if worked good. I think I had like four or five ball recoveries out of the back of the six, so that was that was good and, yeah, just be important for the team.”

Updated: February 27, 2023, 9:14 AM