Dig deeper and you see real reason Victor Valdes is rejecting Barcelona

The goalkeeper says he wants to experience a different culture with a new club, but Andy Mitten reveals that a simpler explanation is at and. Money.

Barcelona are not used to rejection, but long-time goalkeeper Victor Valdes, 30, has told them that he will not be signing a new contract to stay at the club beyond 2014.

Valdes claims he wants to experience a different culture and another club after spending his whole career at Camp Nou.

The news surprised fans, who are used to their stars staying.

Online, some faceless supporters accused him of being a traitor.

In the stadium, others held up posters in support of the Catalan before this past Sunday's 5-1 win over Osasuna.

But there is more to it than meets the eye.


Barca's stars are predisposed to stay where they are.

They play for the best team in the world and live in a wonderful city - the home city of many.

The club are not complacent when it comes to offering contracts and their entire wage bill is higher than any other sports team on the planet.

They stay ahead of predatory rivals by making a new pay scale for Lionel Messi or sating older idols such as Carles Puyol or Xavi with contracts that will see them stay at the club until they are at least 36 or 37.

Valdes is different.

It is not that he is taken for granted and Barca would like him to stay, they just will not put him on a superstar contract like the others because they think there are other goalkeepers capable of doing his job.

Valdes is not an iconic figure like Iker Casillas at Real Madrid, nor is he perceived to be the best or even second best Spanish goalkeeper.

Valdes may be irked that his teammates earn more than him.

But Barca's offer reflects his value and they have forced the issue by saying that if he really wants to leave then another club will have to pay for him.

The other option is Valdes waiting and leaving for free next year.

A few good performances by Valdes in the Primera Liga will see the crowd chant his name and increase pressure on his club to improve their offer.

A few bad ones and Barca will start to evaluate other goalkeepers. After all, it is not a bad job playing behind their feted outfield players.

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