Understanding the life sciences and genomics revolution: Business Extra

Research analyst Damien Ng joins to explain the science and investment opportunity

More than a century in the making, a genomics revolution is now unfolding. The extent of the Covid-19 outbreak has prompted nations and biotech companies to pour billions of dollars and emergency resources into the field, spurring it to new heights of potential. Within a month of the first novel coronavirus case reported in Wuhan, the 29,903 letters that make up the pathogen's genome were published online. Now, more than a year later, researchers around the world are scrutinising the genetic markers of the virus, helping public health workers at nearly every layer of pandemic response, from contact tracing to surfacing treatments.

Last month, Abu Dhabi strategic investment fund Mubadala announced it would invest $1.1 billion in UK life sciences businesses to boost the sector after the pandemic. To explain the science and investment opportunity for the flourishing field, host Kelsey Warner is joined by Damien Ng, a research analyst at Swiss wealth management firm Julius Baer.

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In this episode

  • The life sciences and genomics revolution spurred by Covid-19 (0m 40s)
  • What is genomics? (2m 16s)
  • What are the investment opportunities? (5m 10s)
  • Health data and privacy (15m 50s)