How to beat the rising cost of living – Pocketful of Dirhams

There are a number of ways to rein in your budget to hedge against inflation, savings expert Alison Soltani says

It's difficult at the best of times to stick to a budget — not only do you have to fund your daily living expenses, but there’s also paying down debt and meeting important savings goals to set you on the path towards a secure financial future.

For parents, there are also expensive education costs to consider, as well providing for their children.

But during times of high inflation and rising interest rates, it becomes more difficult for households to stretch their dirhams further.

Regardless of where you are in the world today, the prices of food, petrol and other everyday expenses are on the rise and salaries are not keeping up with inflation. This leads many people to struggle with their budgets.

However, there are numerous ways to ease the financial stress you might be experiencing, experts say.

Host Felicity Glover is joined by Alison Soltani, founder of UAE savings website Leap Savvy Savers, who shares her tips on how to save money on everyday expenses during periods of high inflation.

Hosted by Felicity Glover

Produced by Arthur Eddyson and Ayesha Khan

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Updated: June 01, 2022, 12:32 PM