Can the reality of the electric vehicle market justify the hype?

The year 2020 has been declared a "breakthrough" one for electric vehicles, with sales of EVs up around the world, even in the petrol-happy US.

With tax breaks, new infrastructure plans and Covid-related discounts on zero-emission autos, the market may be at a "tipping point", according to the World Economic Forum. But host Mustafa Alrawi, assistant editor-in-chief, says not so fast. "There's hype everywhere you look," he wrote in The National last week, and argued the market is not that much different from other speculative assets such as NFTs, Bitcoin and Spacs. He and co-host Kelsey Warner unpack the fundamentals of supply and demand, the technology being developed in the broader transport sector and how shareholder value is being affected by EV euphoria.

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In this episode

  • The hype (0m 57s)
  • What exactly are EVs disrupting? (4m 36s)
  • AVs vs EVs (7m 02s)
  • Buying in (12m 56s)