Business Extra: Tech Edition - How Abu Dhabi's Adia Lab will use data for progress

Adia Lab director Horst Simon holds high hopes for medicine and health care amid an AI boom

Never before have we had so much computing power so widely available.

We have super computers, we have quantum computers and, yes, we have an unprecedented amount of data.

It is all creating a perfect situation where we now have the ability to potentially make predictions, make progress and improve society like never before. In particular, data and computational sciences could be game changers for health care, energy, sustainability and financial inclusion.

Adia Lab, Abu Dhabi’s independent institute dedicated to research in data and computer sciences, has focused on looking at ways data and computational sciences could positively affect societally important topics such as health care, energy, climate telecoms and financial inclusion.

In this episode of Business Extra, host Cody Combs speaks to Horst Simon, the lab’s director and a world-renowned expert in computer science, about how Abu Dhabi and the UAE are positioned to be at the centre of all that computational progress.

Updated: March 01, 2024, 9:33 AM