Beyond the Headlines: How rising prices are pushing people in the Middle East into poverty

Lavish meals might by synonymous with Middle Eastern hospitality, but with prices on the rise many are struggling to eat

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When you think of Arabic cuisine, what imagery does it conjure up?

Hummus, bulgur wheat, meat, chicken and spices such as sumac, cumin and cinnamon. Lavish dinner parties with popular dishes like Egyptian koshary, Jordanian mansaf and Iraqi tashreeb. The bigger the dish, the more generous the host.

That is a deeply rooted belief in Arab culture.

Despite countries in the Gulf being insulated from the rising cost of living, many people across the Middle East — and around the world — are now struggling to buy quality ingredients as prices skyrocket.

In this episode of Beyond the Headlines, host Ahmed Maher speaks to people from the Middle East to see how rising prices are pushing some of them into food poverty.

Updated: June 17, 2022, 6:00 PM