Teenagers’ jobs are about more than money

Readers discuss teenagers' need for work experience. Other topics: jet skis, 'hot' refugees, ISIL leak and marital communication.

Thank you for raising this issue (Youths struggle to find work experience in the UAE, March 13) but it extends further than that. It is also putting expatriate teenagers in the UAE at a disadvantage when applying for university courses overseas.

Our son is unable to study paramedic science in the UK because he has no experience or history of volunteering. Applicants are required to have long-term experience with the Red Cross, in care homes or similar groups before they will even be considered, regardless of their academic grades.

Our daughter, who is already at university in the UK, was unable to find any part-time work for the first year as she too has no experience, whereas most of the UK-based students did, which meant they were given preference. Fortunately she has now been given a chance by a start-up company in her university town.

The paucity of jobs for teenagers affects both their finances and their development into adults.

Caroline Tapken, Dubai

Companies would rather employ a full-time Indian or Filipino aged between 30 and 40 than have to pay more to employ a western teenager part-time.

If you go to a grocery store or McDonald’s restaurant in Europe, all the people working there are young teenagers. Here it’s all adults from South and Southeast Asia.

Mike Bruski, Dubai

Jet-ski accident is a wake-up call

I witnessed a head-on collision this week between two jet skis, both being driven by very young men near Khor Maqta in Abu Dhabi.

One of these jet skis met its demise but fortunately the two men were able to swim away.

Please can the municipality intervene and issue safety guidelines, lane control and increased awareness to all public and private users of such watercrafts?

This incident was distressing to witness and I hope better safety measures can be put in place. If it happens again, it could be a human life and not just a machine that is lost.

Jane B, Abu Dhabi

Treat refugees like people

Notwithstanding the main point of your news article, Iraqi refugee 'doesn't mind' being featured on 'Hot Migrants' Instagram account (March 13), I am disappointed to read such flippant comments in reaction to this. Does no one have any compassion any more?

We have all watched the news and seen the atrocities taking place. These refugees have lost jobs, families, and homes. They deserve our compassion.

They are smiling for the photograph – that’s simply what people do when having a photo taken. I am sorry that they do not look sad or miserable enough to attract some people’s sympathies.

Jacqueline Curran, Abu Dhabi

ISIL leak strikes a serious blow

I would contest the assertion in your editorial, ISIL leak may make group stronger (March 13), and say that ISIL is getting weaker because they are running out of money.

Leaking the identities of ISIL fighters would not make them stronger at all. I believe the following is going to happen: because these names are now in the open, everyone knows who they are. Won’t the would-be ISIL fighters be panicking? Often their own families do not know where they are, let alone their governments.

With nowhere else to turn, I believe they will turn on each other.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

I’m more of a realist. That might be because I was in the army, where it comes down to fighting for those beside you.

You stay because you have nowhere else to go. This makes you stronger, not weaker.

Monica See, Canada

Communication is the key to life

Communication is key to everything in life, not just marriages (Communication key to saving marriages, Sharjah conference hears, March 13).

If we can’t communicate with each other then we have nothing. That applies across the board, not only to marriage.

Dave Pryce, Dubai

Relationships consist of human beings who are constantly growing and changing, even if the relationship itself does not change and grow.

To get through difficult times, the couple must be committed to each other and have effective and honest communication.

Mathew Litty, Dubai