Taliban obstacle to development

A reader says Afghan women – and society in general – can prosper only when extremist groups such as the Taliban are eliminated. Mohammad Ismail / Reuters
A reader says Afghan women – and society in general – can prosper only when extremist groups such as the Taliban are eliminated. Mohammad Ismail / Reuters

I refer to the story Afghan women cricketers stumped (December 26). The Taliban’s anti-modern ideology is a bottleneck for Afghanistan’s development and prosperity. Such groups must cease to exist for the human race to prosper.

Sports can create jobs. It creates opportunities and provides hope. To survive, sports need the backing of the government. I hope development in Afghanistan is not impeded by threats from the Taliban.

I also hope Afghanistan succeeds in becoming a member of the International Cricket Council.

Faisal Khan, Ras Al Khaimah

Better lifestyle can help reverse dangerous trend

The number of people in the UAE suffering from heart-related diseases, diabetes and obesity is astonishingly high (From fat to fit, December 26). While this is a serious cause for worry, this trend can be tackled by adopting a healthy lifestyle. People need to be educated on the adverse effects that junk food can have on their health. To remain fit and healthy, it is essential that we get enough sleep, eat in moderation and exercise regularly.

A lot can be achieved with these simple tips.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

It’s not hard to walk at least five kilometres a day, especially when the weather is pleasant. There are so many ways you can achieve this goal: walk to the shop, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, park the car at the furthest corner of the mall. What you need to have is zeal.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Make space available for farmers to sell fresh produce. That way, people will be able to reduce their reliance on imported food.

Locally grown fruit and vegetables should be available at every food stall, in every locality.

Freddie Maré, Dubai

Online shopping not always viable

There are limitations in the case of food and groceries (Online shopping in the UAE: Groceries at the click of a button, (December 26). More than the price, consumers look for hygiene, quality and freshness. That’s not always possible to ensure if you buy online.

For instance, how can you see the expiry date on a bottle of jam before you purchase it?

Lijo Punnolil, Dubai

Metro closure isn’t the answer

I don’t understand how closing the metro station will help Dubai Police to keep the area around the Burj Khalifa safe for visitors (Dubai Police reveal New Year’s Eve safety plans, December 26). Why can’t they manage the traffic flow to that particular station more effectively?

Bint Mohammed, Dubai

Debate over Oman drinks ban

It’s silly to think that alcohol is a reason for economic prosperity (Proposed alcohol ban likely to hit Oman tourism sector, December 25). Even though alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, millions of foreigners live there happily. I think Oman’s decision is sensible.

Alcohol is prohibited in some religions because its negative consequences supersede the benefits.

Ruba Faza, Dubai

If a country wants its tourism to thrive, such a move will be counterproductive. A quick way to lose a major part of your economy is to ban alcohol.

Hinds Suzette, Abu Dhabi

Tourism will still thrive without alcohol. To compromise your religion over alcohol to gain tourists only leads to weakening local society in the long run.

Name withheld by request

Keep calm amid market turmoil

Regarding the article Dubai Financial Market in biggest fall for six years in fresh wave of panic selling (December 15), the global fundamentals seem to be stable. There is no need to panic as the world is unlikely to face another recession in the near future.

Oil prices are likely to bounce back some time soon. Ups and downs are common on the markets.

It is certain that the UAE markets will come back to normal once small investors exit.

Ajay Thombre, Abu Dhabi

Published: December 27, 2014 04:00 AM


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