Road numbers were easier to remember

Readers say Abu Dhabi’s street numbers were easier to remember than current names. Sammy Dallal / The National
Readers say Abu Dhabi’s street numbers were easier to remember than current names. Sammy Dallal / The National

The numbers of roads and streets were easier to remember than the new names (New street names confuse Abu Dhabi taxi drivers and residents, August 13). That is because some names are very long or sound similar, especially to those who are not familiar with Arabic names and words.

Catherine Fahmi, Abu Dhabi

I wish they kept the street numbers as well. They are very useful, especially when one is lost.

Name withheld by request

One cabbie was quoted saying that the new names are OK for drivers who have been here for a few years, but the new drivers are having problems. I think it’s the other way around. Street names less than four words long would also help.

Kim McLure, Abu Dhabi

There is hope for stammerers

What a joy it was to read the article UAE support group helps stammerers to cope (August 14). The people who have started the new support group Stutter with A Smile deserve much praise. Like any other country, in the UAE 1 per cent of adults and 5 per cent of children stammer. With a population of 5.6 million, the UAE certainly has many stammerers.

A US-based non-profit organisation called the Stuttering Foundation can give help to people who stutter in the UAE. The foundation website provides many free resources that can be accessed from anywhere, as stammerers throughout the world have accessed them. There are streaming videos, downloadable books and brochures, and a lot more.

These free resources could help both children and adults who stammer, as well as parents of children who stammer. I have heard of many stammering support groups in my life, but the name Stutter With a Smile is the best.

L Palmer, US

How about a cafe for workers?

I refer to the story Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez, of Tom & Serg, have kicked off a new trend in Dubai’s coffee and... (August 11). While the concept is great and has proven successful for both Mr Arnel and Mr Lopez, the owners of the trendy Tom & Serg cafe in Dubai, it would have been amazing had a cafe been established to cater to labourers and working-class people in the area, who still cannot afford a meal worth Dh35, given their meagre salaries.

The ideal concept would have been where poor workers could relax and eat in style at affordable prices. Also, they should reconsider their timings if they wish to survive in the market in the long run.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Don’t change the ambulance

The roads out here are way too wide (New red ambulances in Dubai for critical patients, August 11). The outside lane should be painted red and used by emergency vehicles only, such as ambulance, fire brigade and police.

Fiona Cooke, Dubai

Colour-coding an ambulance is ridiculous. An ambulance is an ambulance and drivers have to be educated to give way to them.

Peta Al Rais, Dubai

War will never solve a problem

I refer to the article Saudi Arabia says Israel’s Gaza wars fuelled by Muslim disunity, August 13). Unfortunately, what Israel sees is a political group that wants to obliterate them, when in truth all they want is their freedom. Some call them terrorists, some call them freedom fighters, it’s a matter of perspective.

Each side is guilty of adding fuel to the fire and until both sides decide to sit face to face and talk peace, war will continue.

Secondly, the world must recognise Palestine as a sovereign state, meaning that they have the right to self governance, freedom of movement and freedom to trade. No one benefits from a war. In fact, there are only losers in wars that bring hardship and despair.

I’m certain that once peace is achieved, both sides would prosper for decades to come.

I agree that it’s not going to happen quickly, but Rome was not built in a day.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Israel is an occupying force and in direct conflict with over 100 UN resolutions to withdraw, but because it has the backing of the West, especially America, it gets away with ignoring them. Any other country would have been pounded by now.

Brett Pearson, Abu Dhabi

Published: August 14, 2014 04:00 AM


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