Praise for young hero

Noah Offord has been praised for saving the life of another swimmer in Dubai.  (Satish Kumar / The National )
Noah Offord has been praised for saving the life of another swimmer in Dubai. (Satish Kumar / The National )

Kudos to Noah Offord (12-year-old boy rescues man from drowning off Dubai beach, ­December 6).

The man whose life this boy saved was really very lucky. I am sure that he will ­always remember Noah.

Kamal Angurala, Abu Dhabi

Need for more vigilance

The killing of Ibolya Ryan should be an eye-opener for people in the UAE (‘No terror link’ to Reem Island mall murder suspect, December 7).

Such crimes happen in every other country, but we are too accustomed to feeling safe in the UAE.

I think security checks should be mandatory at the entrances to all shopping malls.

Arif Khan, Dubai

I’m an Emirati, and the moment I saw the first video of the murder suspect I was so upset that this had happened in the UAE.

Extremists and terrorists should be eliminated from our society. My condolences to ­Ibolya Ryan’s family.

Name withheld by request

As the doctor whose home was targeted has pointed out, the police acted incredibly quickly and precisely. They saved the lives of many people.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Living costs are a global issue

I am writing in reference to Why making ends meet simply isn’t enough for UAE expats struggling with rising costs (December 6).

When I think about the things I don’t like about living here, I remember how hard it was to live in my home country.

You will never be able to save as much as you want to, but as long as your family has what they need, you are doing well.

We tend to forget that the economic crisis is global. Stay positive and be thankful, and you will have everything you need.

April Tarman, Dubai

I have a question for the expatriates who are complaining about their life in the UAE: would you be better off in your own country?

C Morgenstern, Dubai

Stay away from loans. That message has been programmed into my head since I was child. I think it’s kept me away from a lot of problems that many people face when they see money being handed out.

Sajjad Rizvi, Saudi Arabia

Terror fight is a joint effort

Having lived in the Gulf for many years, I am greatly relieved to know that the UAE is fighting against the spread of terrorist activities in the region.

The editorial ISIL radicals threaten our way of life (December 7) takes a firm stance and shows a realisation of the dangers attached to seeking development and progress.

The lives of ordinary people in Libya, Iraq and other conflict-ravaged countries have been heavily affected by terrorist activities, and the remarks by King Abdullah of Jordan clearly emphasise that years of unrest have seriously affected progress in the entire region.

It is imperative for there to be a collective effort by the moderate Arab societies of the GCC that respect the rights of ordinary people.

It is equally important to establish exactly why educated young people are joining radical groups.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Applause for young champ

I was so pleased to read about the achievements of Shaikha Al Tayr (Young gymnast ready to represent the UAE, December 7).

Her achievements make me feel proud.

Lini Amiri, Dubia

Marriage may be best option

I think it is wonderful to give people who are convicted of having sex outside marriage an option other than jail (Abu Dhabi courts consider marriage in lieu of punishment, December 5).

I hope this recommendation is accepted by the courts.

Brünilda Mönnig, South Africa

I think it is a good thing that this issue is now being addressed in public discussion.

I Knoerrich, Tunisia

Published: December 8, 2014 04:00 AM


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