Metro is great, but we still rely on private cars

Readers praise the Metro but say we will never abandon our cars. Jaime Puebla / The National
Readers praise the Metro but say we will never abandon our cars. Jaime Puebla / The National

The Dubai Metro should be extended as much as possible (A milestone for public transport, September 11).

However, I don’t think it has really saved so many car journeys, because anyone who has the money to get a licence and a car does so as soon as possible. Most people who use the metro don’t have cars.

My car was in a workshop for a week and, as a test, I tried to find out if I could get to work on the metro and bus. The answer was no, it’s not possible. So, like millions of others in the UAE, I have to have a car.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

The overarching success story is that the metro has been brought to life in spite of the many, many naysayers at the time. Well done.

Khristo Ayad, Dubai

I would rather see a railway connecting all of the emirates.

Hans Borst, Dubai

Excited about Dubai Opera

Thank you for composer Mohammed Fairouz’s excellent article, Programming diversity is the key to a great opera house (September 10).

We are going to the Dubai Opera on October 8 to see Jose Carreras, and we cannot wait.

Janet Humphrey, Abu Dhabi

Being banned is not so bad

In reference to US airlines becoming a no-fly zone for Muslims (September 9), being banned from flying in America is probably the best thing that could happen to anyone.

Airline travel in America these days is like flying in a Greyhound bus.

A Bradford, Oman

This is not a big deal. Considering what horrible planes and staff the American airlines have, everyone should avoid them.

Gianmaria Vidale, Dubai

iPhone7 is less affordable here

No shades of grey in UAE over iPhone 7 (September 9) quotes Mike Priest, editor of Stuff magazine Middle East.

Priest says: “It means consumers will get the phone virtually at the same time as the US and at pretty much the same price. I think the days of huge markups on imported iPhones is probably a thing of the past.”

However, I have noticed a price difference of Dh275 for the iPhone7Plus between the United States and the UAE.

Sohail Anjum Mohammad, Dubai

Celebrating the meaning of Eid

The excitement at this time of year is wonderful (Families flock to Eid Al Adha fair, September 10).

That is what Eid is all about: sharing joy and being with both your loved ones and new friends.

However, I was a little surprised how many people think it is all about expensive clothes, luxury dinners or the biggest gifts.

Please take a moment this Eid to think about its meaning.

Christina Toebast, Dubai

The malls, cinemas, hotels, parks and beaches are going to be packed over Eid.

All the shops will have sales, but I am not one for crowded places. While I may do some quality shopping, I won’t be skipping my daily routine of a workout followed by serene yoga.

I hope that everybody remains blessed, watches their health and gets back to work feeling rejuvenated.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Call for safety awareness

I refer to your story No issue with photographing others if child safety is at risk, says CDA head (September 6).

It is important to emphasise road safety, especially considering the high number of road accidents we see.

It seems to me that many motorists are off in their own world, driving the way they want to with no respect for anyone else.

However, I thought it was illegal to take pictures of others without their consent. Even if it is not illegal in this instance, it is not safe to take photos while driving.

So, we could be policing one dangerous practice by introducing another.

We need better ways to promote road-safety awareness.

Name withheld by request

Published: September 11, 2016 04:00 AM


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