There is more than one way to view India’s verdict on the land dispute

India paramilitaries in Ayodhya. Rajesh Kumar Singh / AP
India paramilitaries in Ayodhya. Rajesh Kumar Singh / AP

This is in reference to the op-ed Ayodhya and Kartarpur Corridor: two vastly different faces of India (November 9): the ancient Babri mosque had been in place for centuries when in 1949, an idol of Ram was stealthily placed inside the mosque to suggest that it was originally a Hindu temple.

In 1992, the mosque was demolished and it remained under litigation for decades.

It is unfortunate that the Indian supreme court has ruled on the dispute based on faith rather than on the facts of the case.

Mohammad Hamza, Dubai

Kudos to Abu Dhabi police for their efficiency in managing the storm

With regard to Torrential rain and high winds hit Abu Dhabi (November 10): I felt compelled to write and say “shukran” to the Abu Dhabi police and the emergency services after the storm. I was at the far end of the Corniche when it hit and had to drive the full length of the coast road.

The police were already efficiently directing traffic while dodging falling branches, flying debris and fallen electric lights, along with managing accidents and no doubt dealing with the rubberneckers.

Standing out in the elements, braving wind, lightning and downpours, could not have been easy, so I commend them and the emergency services who I am sure also had many an incident to attend to.

I hope they all came home safely.

Carina Oxley, Abu Dhabi

Restaurants offering water is a sensible and welcome move

In reference to Kelly Clarke’s article Dubai restaurants must offer tap water to customers from 2020 (November 11), this is going to be such a blow for restaurants given how water and soft drinks are among the most profitable items on the menu in terms of a return on the original investment.

Victor Danu, Dubai

Published: November 11, 2019 08:48 PM


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