RIP John McCain, a leader and soldier who spoke his mind

Our readers have their say on Brexit, Serena Williams and the Arizona senator
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 27: Traders and financial professionals observe a moment of silence for the late U.S. Senator John McCain prior to the opening bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), August 27, 2018 in New York City. McCain passed away on August 25 following a long battle with brain cancer.   Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP

Congratulations on your excellent editorial John McCain fought for the land of the free (August 27). You have rightly eulogised a leader and soldier, who richly deserves his many plaudits. Senator John McCain was a prisoner in Vietnam for five years.

When he was offered release after the first year, he refused it. He did not want to leave his colleagues in the prisoner of war camp.

So he waited for five years, when they were all released. During this period he was repeatedly tortured.

Throughout his political career, he had the courage to speak his mind, even if it displeased the powers in Washington.

It is a pity he could not become the nation’s president. I am sure he would have worked for a more inclusive country and world.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Should the People’s Vote be allowed to call for Brexit poll?

In reference to Gavin Esler's column Why I joined the UK's People's Vote campaign (August 26), out means out. We have already voted. If you don't believe in a democratic vote, why press for another? And if you lose again, will you want another vote and another until you're happy?

Steve Rider, Bradford, UK

It’s the “how” of Brexit that is the issue. It would be foolish to deliberately cause unnecessary job losses and border issues. People cite the EU but seem to forget that all of the issues which relate to maximum working times (to stop us being exploited) and employment rights all come from the EU. It will be interesting to see who gets blamed for the lack of jobs and increasing border issues when blaming immigration is no longer an option.

Paula Murphy, UAE

What we are seeing is the impact of a weak leader who is not committed to the outcome she is required to deliver. With a strong leader, none of the problems currently being experienced would have been insurmountable.

David Cafferty, Dubai

Everyone should be free to wear whatever they like

Regarding your story Hasn't Serena Williams earned the right to wear whatever she wants? (August 26), she should be free to wear what she likes. Everyone should be. Life is short and it's just tennis.

Hasan Sarfaraz, Lahore