Prices of fuel and food in India keep rising exponentially

Readers discuss working hours in Mumbai, mental health, Islamophobia in Austria, Israel and the G7 summit

A report by the Swiss Bank UBS surveyed 77 cities across the world and concluded that the citizens of Mumbai worked the longest, at 3,315 hours per annum. Indians as a group work long hours compared to other countries. Life is hard because of low incomes, inflation and hardly any benefits from the government. Hence, Indians will work long hours to make something of their lives.

Salaries in India are far smaller than in the Middle East, Europe and the US. However, increasingly costs are getting aligned globally. Despite promises by successive governments, the prices of food and fuel keep rising. We have to work harder just to stay where we are economically. In most countries the government offers pensions and medical insurance. There are few such benefits in India, even though we pay about 30 per cent of our salaries in tax.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

A cultural boycott of Israel is not just a futile gesture

I refer to your article Does the cultural boycott of Israel work? (June 9): it is certainly better than doing nothing. 

Sameer Ansari, Brussels

Bourdain shows no one is immune from depression

I write in response to Dr Justin Thomas's op-ed Anthony Bourdain's tragic death shows depression has many faces (9 June): it was saddening to read this profound piece on the tragic death of this renowned chef, CNN anchor and world famous travel documentary maker Anthony Bourdain.

People in all walks of life suffer from depression, although many do not express themselves particularly well. It often takes tragic endings such as Bourdain’s for us to confront the pain caused by depression. 

K Ragavan, Denver

Austria’s mosque decision was both cruel and racist

I write in reference to the article Erdogan denounces Austria's decision to close mosques (June 10): the decision to close down mosques was a completely awful and cruel decision by the right-wing Austrian government.

Habib Rahim Hazim, Abu Dhabi

A picture that lays bare the deeply disheartening truth

With reference to your article Twitter goes wild for G7 power play picture (June 10): it is a pity that the world's most powerful leaders are behaving like children. The US especially is losing more and more of its credibility in international forums. 

T Reichenberger, Nuremberg