Obesity is a big issue with so many fast food restaurants

Our readers have their say on overweight toddlers, the Salman Khan sentencing and violence against Palestinians

ABWB6E An overweight boy eats snacks for lunch at school, London, UK.. Image shot 2004. Exact date unknown.
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In reference to your story Parental education is a simple tool to avoid obesity in toddlers, experts say (April 5), the rates you highlighted are rather alarming. Obesity has become a leading cause for the increased health threats that people in the developed world face. What shocks me most is when youngsters become obese at a very young age. It's never too late and all we need to focus on is a healthy lifestyle to remain fit and active.

In every nook and corner, you find fast food restaurants. Many of us are not aware of the consequences and think obesity is not a big issue. We all have the lame excuse that we work and get tired at the end of the day. But it is we who need to decide how to manage our time. Each of us has a duty to protect our health by eating  balanced, nourishing food, exercising on a daily base and much more. Parents have a role to play by taking their children out for walks rather than spending time on the internet.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Celebrities must also feel the long arm of the law

Regarding your story Salman Khan leaves prison after two nights in jail (April 8), it took two decades to convict this Bollywood star. Nevertheless, his conviction shows the judiciary still acts, irrespective of celebrity status.

This actor is known for many remarkable movies, with millions invested in him by the Bollywood film fraternity. While the fact he was granted bail is good news for his fans and the film industry, it is not so good for animal rights groups.

Next month his bail application will be heard before the court and we will have to see then which wins out, celebrity status or judiciary? It would be a sad state of affairs if it is the former.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Palestinians are the victims of state-sponsored oppression

Regarding your story Death of Gaza photographer gives lie to Israeli army assertion (April 7), a one-state solution or international state might be the way to achieve lasting political peace in the Middle East.

The 1967 borders did not create a single, workable and continuous state. Imagine, for a moment, that part of New York and part of Texas belonged to another nation and were merged to create one state. How is that workable?

Over many years, Israel has conducted a systematic campaign against a civilian population to drive them out of their homeland. More than 500 villages have been destroyed and more than 70 per cent of the land previously owned by Arab Palestinians has been stolen from them, with the blessings of the US.

The international community recognises the rights of Palestinians to fight this state-sponsored terror and oppression.

However, US-dominated mass media portrays the actions of Palestinians, who are only justifiably defending themselves from acts of aggression and injustice committed by Israel, as acts of terror.

The US government and the American people are just as morally responsible for the oppression of the Palestinian people as the government and people of Israel.

Samaoen Osman, Abu Dhabi