Dubai’s kind gesture to virus-stricken Iran is truly inspiring

Our readers have their say on Pete Buttigieg, coronavirus and Wizz Air
People wearing protective masks are seen on a street in Kuwait City on March 2, 2020, amid a global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. / AFP / YASSER AL-ZAYYAT

I write to you in reference to Nick Webster's article Coronavirus: Dh1 million in aid flown from Dubai to Iran to tackle outbreak (March 2).

This is a kind humanitarian gesture.

Tania Milbourne, Dubai

We must always seek to help each other. We all live on the same planet after all.

Name withheld by request

Abu Dhabi has truly become a top destination for travellers

I write to you in reference to Michael Fahy's article Wizz Air Abu Dhabi to begin flying in the autumn (March 2).

This is the best news I have heard all year!

Kimberley Kinkead, Abu Dhabi

Buttigieg should have waited for Super Tuesday before withdrawing

I write to you in reference to your article Pete Buttigieg drops out of Democratic presidential contest (March 2).

I wonder why Pete Buttigieg did not wait for Super Tuesday before dropping out of the presidential race. Perhaps he has struck a deal with a more popular candidate to become his running mate.

Tony M, Abu Dhabi

Coronavirus is under control, but poor nations need help to contain it

I am writing to you in reference to Taylor Heyman's article Coronavirus containment strategy is working, WHO chief tells Riyadh conference (March 1).

I was very pleased to read this piece, which reassured me about the propagation of the coronavirus. Many people are very worried about the spread of the virus and fear that the epidemic might spiral out of control.

I am glad that this is not the case, although some experts believe that the WHO should do more to contain the virus, especially in terms of providing financial and technical expertise in the developing world.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Flexible working hours is a bold move to help combat the virus

I write to you in reference to your article Coronavirus: UAE federal employees to work fewer hours as nurseries close temporarily (March 1).

Well done, I salute the leaders of the UAE for this bold decision. God bless this country.

Sneha Gayatri Prithiani, Dubai

This is a great initiative, but I wish it was extended to the private sector.

Louise Redvers, UAE