Atlas Lionesses can hold their heads high

Our readers have their say on the Women's World Cup, a football gain for the UAE, an architect in Dubai and parliamentary proceedings in India

France's coaching staff including head coach Herve Renard (R) console Morocco players after the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 round of 16 soccer match between France and Morocco at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia, August 8 EPA
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Atlas Lionesses can hold their heads high

With reference to Women's World Cup dream over for Morocco after France hand out four-goal beating (August 8): They played brilliantly and are a wonderful new force on the women’s soccer landscape. I enjoyed watching them!

Jonathan Basil Wilder, Old Lyme, Connecticut, US

For their first World Cup, Morocco's women's team or the Atlas Lionesses have a lot to be proud of. Morocco had already made Women’s World Cup history as the first Arab or North African nation to qualify for the finals. They Lionesses have enough reason to hold their heads up high.

Fatma Alioua, Algiers, Algeria

They must not be disheartened. It's only a first step to greater things.

Elisha Shalom, Abu Dhabi

Praise for the founder of a Dubai oasis

I write to you in reference to Chaitali Patil's report The Courtyard founder reflects on 25 years of the green creative hub at the heart of Dubai (July 23): Dariush Zandi is a man with a vision. I and a lot of people I know love his work and believe in the philosophy he talks about - that buildings are living things if you believe in them and not just brick and mortar.

BH, Dubai

A big gain for UAE football

With regard to John McAuley's report Andres Iniesta starts 'important adventure' in UAE after shock move to Emirates Club (August 09): There is no doubt that Andress Iniesta is the best midfielder in football world. As one of the most decorated players in history, and so successful in his time with Barcelona, the Emirates Club has bagged a huge name.

Saddam Abdi Abdille, Mogadishu, Banadir, Somalia

More power in Delhi to the central government

With reference to Taniya Dutta's report India's Parliament passes bill to give Modi government more power in Delhi (August 08): The passing of this bill was opposed by the ruling Delhi administration as well as other opposition parties. Clearly, this will give more power to the Modi government to control Delhi's incumbent AAP party officials if they bypass norms and do things their own way. It's a smart move for Mr Modi.

Also, Ms Dutta’s other article elaborated how the opposition parties were blaming Mr Modi for not taking care of the Manipur violence. The prime minister is expected to respond to this soon. I hope this issue will be settled peacefully and that there won’t be any further warring of parties and use of unparliamentary words in parliament.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: August 11, 2023, 3:00 AM