The pandemic's prolonged effects on schooling

Our readers have their say on education disruption, Liz Truss, the pandemic, housing for Ukrainians, Iran protests and the death of a crocodile

School children from London join Muslims from across the UK at Regent's Park Mosque to honour the life of Queen Elizabeth II and to mark the accession of King Charles III, following her death. PA Wire
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Even after the pandemic, its effects on education linger

In reference to Tim Kiek's article Pandemic's debilitating effect on students in England laid bare (October 13): This is likely to be a world wide problem. The article says that almost half of state school pupils said they had not been able to catch up with learning. I would think countries far less developed than the UK, or even in similar education situations as the UK, would be facing very similar post-pandemic realities.

Vanya Taule'alo, Apia, Samoa

Telling remarks

With regard to Gillian Duncan's report King Charles mutters ‘dear, oh dear’ as he meets British Prime Minister Liz Truss (October 13): Things don't seem to bode well for the British Prime Minister. At this rate, the Conservative Party may not want her to be in the role for too long.

Saad Aldin, Gurugram, India

Uncertain housing terms for Ukrainians in the UK

With regard to Soraya Ebrahimi and Laura O'Callaghan's report Campaigners fear UK's Homes for Ukraine scheme is being 'quietly phased out' (October 13): We understand and are pleased to accept people but here in UK much of our resident population is also in need of adequate housing.

Terrance De Brystow, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

The continuing reprisals in Iran

With regard to Nada AlTaher's report Iranian says his niece, 14, was detained during Mahsa Amini protests (October 12): Telling people what they're allowed to wear or not allowed to wear has emerged as a social sickness of the 21st century. People who cannot change are telling people not to change. It may not be the wisest approach going forward in a rapidly changing world.

Zeeshan Hasan, Murree, Pakistan

Tears for a crocodile

With reference to Taniya Dutta's report Kerala temple's famous 'vegetarian' crocodile dies (October 10): It's amazing that the crocodile Babiya lived for nearly eight decades at the lake temple and made a big enough impact on devotees that a 1000 people turned up for Babiya's funeral. The extent of people's faith cannot be underestimated.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: October 14, 2022, 2:00 AM