Women are our future leaders

Our readers have their say about female empowerment and futuristic cities

US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks while meeting with university and college presidents on access to reproductive health care in the Vice President's Ceremonial Office in Washington, DC, USA, 08 August 2022.   EPA / Samuel Corum  /  POOL
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Women's empowerment initiatives need to be genuine

I write in reference to Taniya Dutta's article Indian state warns men against taking oath of office for wives elected to village councils (August 8): as the cliche goes, there are many Indias. On one hand, the country has made great progress when it comes to women's empowerment; on the other, we read or hear stories of women continuing to live in the shadows of men. Sometimes one wonders what the point is of reserving 33 per cent of seats for women in India's village government system, when, in many cases, it is not the women representatives but their husbands who are calling the shots. Kudos to the state government for stepping in to resolve this problem. And while I end up feeling a little exasperated after reading such stories, a part of me genuinely believes that we are making progress, even if it is slow. Some critics may call women's reservation an eyewash, but surely it will inspire countless girls to play an active role in governance and nation-building.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The coolness of futuristic cities

I write in reference to to Maan Jalal's report 12 futuristic cities being built around the world, from Saudi Arabia to China (August 2): the planning and conceptualisation of these cities is very cool. Thank you for sharing.

Ing-Marie Lund, Dubai

Kamala Harris' role in US politics

I write in reference to the video Pelosi says Taiwan trip was never about changing status quo (August 5): while in Taipei, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted that the kerfuffle around her Taiwan visit may have been linked to the fact she is a woman, when she said: “I don’t know if [her high profile] was a reason or an excuse [to criticise her visit], because they didn’t say anything when the men came.” It must be noted that former US president Donald Trump, also critical of Ms Pelosi's trip, said: "The woman brings chaos." Whether Ms Pelosi was making a valid point or not, one thing is clear: women are playing an increasingly important role in US geopolitics. This crisis, which could spiral into a new Cold War, will establish their competence in matters concerning external affairs and the military. Given US President Joe Biden's health situation – he was twice infected with coronavirus – Vice President Kamala Harris' role assumes even more importance.

HR Jain, Shakopee, US

Published: August 12, 2022, 3:00 AM