A game-changer for the UAE

Our readers have their say on the UAE's new work week, the Omicron variant and the tragic Indian military chopper crash

Kite beach, on the UAE’s 50th National Day celebrations in Dubai on December 2. Pawan Singh / The National

With reference to Shireena Al Nowais's report UAE private sector not obliged to change working week, says minister (December 8): the best suggestion for private companies is to follow the government sector as this will align with the international market and make more sense in terms of business exploration and relationships.

Pratik Shetty, Dubai

This is a great decision. Among other benefits, people will start travelling and spending, which will be great for the economy.

Shankar Prabhu, Mumbai

In Sweden, we started working from home in the '90s. Some departments were moved to 100 per cent home office. The company provided internet and payed the bill. Never ever was it a problem. All that the companies cared about was that the work was done. Lots of companies in the Nordic countries let their people work the hours they need to finish the work, whether at the office or the home-office, as needed. People who know their work will perform in any environment. I do believe that in some cultures it might be a issue since people have not been trusted with responsibilities and don't know how to maybe handle it but only initially.

Henna Sullivan, Abu Dhabi

It's a smart move to merge with the world calendar.

Muhammad Nauman Khan, Dubai

This is a good step. The country will have similar work timings as Asia and Europe now.

Amai Padilla Catubig, Abu Dhabi

Tragic Indian military chopper crash

With reference to Taniya Dutta's report Indian military helicopter carrying chief of defence crashes (December 8): this is shocking news. The death of General Rawat, his wife and the other personnel on board is deeply tragic. What was the cause of the crash? This is a very sad day for the country. Condolences to the family members.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

A cautious but balanced approach to the Omicron variant

With regard to Omicron live updates: hospitalisations to rise as countries hit by variant reaches 57 (December 8): Every single country that has reported Omicron cases has stated that they are mild. In the case of South Africa, all the hospital admissions with Omicron were admitted with other conditions, and didn’t even know they had Covid. Countries should not panic. It’s time to dial back the hyperbole on this variant. A balanced view of Omicron will help us tackle it effectively.

Colin Espiner, Beachlands, New Zealand

Published: December 9th 2021, 3:00 AM