Crash test dummy?

Prank or not, we are all paying attention to Paris Hilton’s latest stunt above Dubai

Prank or not, we are all watching Paris Hilton. MBC
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We may never know if Paris Hilton was in on last week’s prank flight over Dubai. Egyptian television presenter Ramez Galal took the American socialite on what was billed as a relaxing tour over Dubai. With hidden cameras on board, the flight soon went sour and a distraught Hilton was recorded in panic mode when she thought the plane was about to crash. Upon safely returning to the ground, Hilton wasted no time telling the media that she was going to sue Galal for the stunt.

While we may have our suspicions about whether this event was rigged, two things are clear: everyone is talking about Galal and some people have had great fun sharing the video of Hilton panicking.

But there is also a problem. Over the course of several years, Hilton has been involved in so many publicity stunts that even if she does have a legitimate claim this time around, almost no one will believe she has been a victim of wrongdoing. And that, unfortunately, is not a prank, it’s the cold reality of celebrity in the reality-TV era.