Expo 2020 Dubai: the enticing Palestine pavilion

Our readers have their say on the attractions at the Expo, the social media outage, idols and James Bond

Visitors at the Palestine Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, in Dubai on 4 October. Pawan Singh / The National
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With reference to Georgia Tolley's story A feast for all five senses at the Palestinian pavilion (October 5): that's a well-reported story. I'll be there at the end of October. Thank you for pointing out the highlights.

Rod Jones, Johannesburg, South Africa

You are doing a tremendous job by showing everyone the pavilions on video and enticing everyone to visit the Expo.

Syed Mansoor Qasim Ali, Lahore, Pakistan

Expo 2020 is good for business

With reference to Neil Halligan's report Expo 2020 to be 'largest brainstorming session' for businesses (October 4): I completely agree. Expo 2020 Dubai is reminding us in a big way of what lies at the root of business – innovation and industry.

Daniel Schaer, Dubai

The art of making idols

With reference to the photos in Durga Puja festival preparation in India – in pictures (October 5): the artistry in these pictures is absolutely stunning. Perfectly created idols. This time of the year, the festival season, is the best time to be in India, especially Bengal.

Jitendra Desai, Ahmedabad, India

May James Bond live on

With regard to James Mottram's article 'No Time to Die' film review: Daniel Craig returns for final gritty outing as James Bond (September 29): this was an interesting read. The release of the film, delayed for more than 18 months due to the pandemic, was good news for film lovers such as myself. The role of James Bond has been epitomised by so many actors. Sean Connery was the most stylish, I thought. To this date, perfectly viable actors like Daniel Craig continue to portray the role of the secret agent. Millions of fans are drawn any new James Bond film. I have been watching them repeatedly for decades. The action, the plot, the suspense, even the theme music is always superb. I hope the film is a big hit. It's nice to watch films again on the big screen after the nightmare of the last nearly two years.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Twitter entertained during the other social media outage

With reference to the Farah Andrews' write up The best meme reactions to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram going down as Twitter steps up (October 5): I love how every tweet included is explained. I don't need it. But I still loved it. Funny memes. I thought Twitter was understandably a bit crowded during the outage, making it a bit slow from time to time, but I had a blast on it.

Ronja Amina Ovrebo, Haugesund, Norway

Published: October 07, 2021, 3:00 AM
Updated: October 10, 2021, 9:20 AM